Danilovski: HIF decision to cut back on operations in private facilities is a flagrant violation of patients’ rights


In an interview for Mkd.mk, Doctor Dragan Danilovski elaborates on the weaknesses of the healthcare system in Macedonia, pointing out the problems, where they come from and how they can be overcome.
To one of the questions regarding the decision of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) to drastically reduce the operations covered by the Fund in private institutions at the expense of state ones, which was taken one day before the end of 2023, Doctor Danilovski says that “if initially, when the list of patients for operations in private facilities was being made, there was a decision by the HIF that it would cover those operations and if the patients applied under that condition, then it should have remained that way until the end, for everyone who is on the list. Such a decision, without their knowledge and will, discriminates against them and puts them in the unenviable position of choosing whether to remain on the list and bear the costs of the operations themselves or to cancel. And if they give up, it is possible that they will face an unnecessary deterioration of their health condition. From there, the decision of the HIF represents a flagrant violation of their rights, according to the Law on the Protection of Patients’ Rights (Article 3, Item 3), as well as a violation of the European Charter for Patients’ Rights. The constitutional principle (Article 39) that ‘every citizen is guaranteed the right to healthcare’ was also violated.”

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