SDSM is a party that respects women and recognizes their ability, strength and power, says Kovachevski


SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski on Sunday participated and addressed the traditional March 8th march on the occasion of International Women’s Day, organized by the SDSM Women’s Forum.
In his address, party leader Kovacevski pointed out that SDSM is an example of what true equal representation and true gender equality should look like, and that the party works daily on more opportunities for women’s participation in all spheres of social and political life.
“Here today with us we have strong and courageous women, workers, teachers and professors, journalists, doctors, farmers, artists, engineers, women who are actively and daily involved in social life and contribute to making this our country a better place to live. All of them in one way or another are part of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, a party that respects women and recognizes their ability, strength and power. That is why they have always been in high positions both in the Government and in the party. All of them are the embodiment of dedicated work, sacrifice, courage, and belief in a better today and a better tomorrow for the citizens. The embodiment of the best that SDSM can offer,” Kovacevski said in his address.

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