Taravari: The basis of my program is constitutional amendments and removal of the 20 percent wording


The presidential candidate of the SESP coalition, Arben Taravari, said at the promotional convention in Gostivar that he will be the president of the people and that he will stand for being the president of the Macedonians, Albanians, Turks and all the ethnic groups in the country.
“The basis of my program is the constitutional amendments, because they are our condition to continue on the European path and when the constitution is opened, the restrictive term for Albanians should be removed, because we are citizens and it is time to have our name in the constitution. The president should be voted in the assembly and with that we will have a real opportunity to elect an Albanian president,” said presidential candidate Taravari.
Taravari said that the inclusion of the Bulgarian and other minorities in the Constitution is mandatory and it will be realized very soon after the formation of the new government, which, according to him, will include the ECP.

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