Legalization of cannabis production for medicinal purposes is being abused, says DS


The legalization of cannabis production for medicinal purposes is being abused; more than 70 companies produce cannabis without effective control by state institutions and the production is placed on the illegal market, which spreads the drug business and the abuse of cannabis, said the Democratic Union (DS).

“The presence of experts from abroad for the fight against the drug business in Macedonia confirms that this crime has taken on serious dimensions and entails the formation of drug cartels, mutual confrontations and liquidations, as well as the spread of drug addiction on a large scale outside of Macedonia. So far, more than 10 “thefts” of marijuana, attempts at the illegal sale of cannabis, etc. have been detected. The conditions are worrisome and the question is when we will receive serious criticism and a decision to ban the production of cannabis from the United Nations,” said the DS political party.

“The latest raid of the Ministry of Interior, which also includes party activists, indicates the allure and huge illegal profits from this type of legalized crime. Holders of high state and political positions are also involved in this so-called business,” added the DS.

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