Bechtel- Enka clinic in Gostivar shut down after treating workers without a license


The dispensary owned by the Bechtel-Enka company has been shut down following an extraordinary inspection by the Health and Sanitary Inspectorate. During the inspection, it was established that the Sante Plus 2 polyclinic provides medical services to the workers of Bechtel-Enka without a license, reports Portal X.
At the time of the surveillance, medical equipment, medicines, consumable medical material and medical waste from performed medical interventions, infusions, syringes were found.
“Based on the ascertained situation, in accordance with articles 60, 62 and 63 of the Law on Health Care, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate issued a decision prohibiting the performance of health care activities at Sante plus 2 – polyclinic at the reception level, in the room located at Ilindenska bb in Gostivar, because there is no decision for a permit to perform a health activity issued by the Ministry of Health,” reads the Inspectorate’s report.

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