Janushev: The only culprits for the chaos with personal documents are SDS and DUI


I’ m saying what every Macedonian citizen already thinks, and that is that the problem lies in the incompetence of the SDS and the Government which generated the problems and they are the ones, the SDS and DUI, who created the panic with personal documents, says opposition MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee IgorJanushevin an interview with TV21.

The MP added that during the formation of the caretaker government, there were more than one million and 300 thousand Macedonian citizens who were without passports.

“In the absence of any arguments, in the absence of any facts, in the absence of any other figures than what we had the opportunity to see in the past period, the only rhetoric left to SDS is to say that VMRO is to blame,” said Janushev.

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