Kovatchev congratulated Pendarovski for his attitude that Delchev declared himself Bulgarian, Stevo thanked him



Stevo Pendarovski demolished the Macedonian positions and humiliated the nation when he said that GoceDelchev declared himself Bulgarian, VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov said at a press conference on Friday.

“StevoPendarovski was greeted and encouraged for his attitude personally by AndreyKovatchev. In contrast to the support for Pendarovski, Kovatchev attacked President Mickoski for calling Stevo to withdraw from his views. And instead of being ashamed of AndreyKovatchev’s support, StevoPendarovski personally boasted that he had direct support from AndreyKovatchev, as he himself says, “the MEP from GERB”. After which AndreyKovatchev once again greeted, praised and encouraged him. This shows who demolished the Macedonian positions, and why Macedonia is humiliated and blocked,” said Lefkov.

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