Deadline for collection of signatures of presidential candidates expires – seven candidates to run in presidential race


The deadline for collecting signatures for the presidential candidates in the upcoming elections, which began on February 23, expired at midnight. Seven candidates are officially in the running, the first round of which will be held on April 24.

According to data from the State Election Commission (SEC), , of the 15 candidates registered to collect signatures for the presidential elections, the required 10,000 signatures were collected so far by Stevo Pendarovski, backed by SDSM, who has 22,412 signatures, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova backed by VMRO-DPMNE – 28,086. DUI’s Bujar Osmani, Arben Taravari from the opposition coalition of the parties of ethnic Albanians – “Worth It”, Stevcho Jakimovski from GROM, Maksim Dimitrievski from ZNAM, and Biljana Vankovska-Cvetkovska from Levica managed to gather the required 10.000 signatures.



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