Children will learn things they need for life, curricula will be adjusted, three regional centers for secondary vocational education will be opened, says opposition


Children in the new education system will learn things they need for life. They will learn about entrepreneurship, democracy, what society is, different cultures, they will respect traditions. They will learn how to make important decisions for their lives, how to solve problems in a calm and constructive way.

Children will learn how to plan a household budget and manage their time. We will offer them everything that they haven’t had before, which is available in the EU, where we aspire to go”, said Vesna Janevska, president of the VMRO-DPMNE Education Committee at Sunday’s debate “Educational Platform for the Future” on the “New concept for the development of education”.

Janevska added that emphasis will also be placed on extracurricular activities, depending on the students’ affinities.


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