SDS/DUI’s fake strategic electric car factory investment failed – the institutions should check what happened to the state aid worth EUR 42.5 million


Another one of the Government’s pink soap bubbles has burst. It was officially announced on Saturday that nothing will come of the pompous announcement of a factory for electric cars in Tetovo. More precisely, it is nothing. There will remain a hole in the middle of a meadow in TIDZ Tetovo with 4 rebars, into which Kovachevski and half of the government of DUI and SDS threw shovels with all ceremonies and fanfare in August 2022, just before the repeated local elections in Tetovo, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Sunday.

“And as is the case with everything when it comes to the power of DUI and SDS, this “grandiose project” has become a so-called Potemkin village. An expensive celebration was organized, which was probably paid for with public money, they ate, drank, took photos and finally went home,” said the largest opposition party.



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