TPP Bitola does not produce electricity


The three blocks have been turned off after a severe breakdown in the boiler part of BLOCK 3 that happened last night, and Block 1 and Block 2 have been turned off for a longer period after the severe breakdowns, said the VMRO-DPMNE Energy Committee on Monday.
“Today, the largest producer of electricity, the backbone of the Macedonian energy industry, has fallen to its knees and instead of producing, it consumes expensive imported electricity in order not to cause a major disaster to the plants that remain without internal power supply! During the night, BLOCK 3 failed after an accident in the boiler part of the power plant, which had been operated for a long time with technical problems due to inappropriate expensive imported coal,” noted the VMRO-DPMNE Energy Committee.
ESM pointed out that during Sunday night, due to a broken pipe, which is a common occurrence, the Block with which TPP Bitola was working fell out of the network. ESM expects its activation by the end of the day.

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