Public Revenue Office releases Debtors’ List on Monday


The total published net debt in list No. 03/2024 of the Public Revenue Office amounts to 9,829,008,706 MKD (by 516,849,267 MKD less than the previous list). The net debt for taxes and contributions is 9,627,319,566 MKD (less by 513,855,269 from the previous list), while the debt for customs duties is 201,689,140 MKD (less than 2,993,998 MKD from the previous list).
The Public Revenue Office (PRO) released a debtors’ list for debts due by November 30, 2023 and unpaid by February 29 of this year based on VAT, profit tax, personal income tax, contributions from mandatory social security, excise taxes and customs.
A total of 1,801 legal entities (71 less than the previous list) and 3,606 natural persons (21 less than the previous list) were published on the List of Debtors No. 03/2024.

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