CCC: Contracts worth EUR 283 million were concluded in 6 months in public procurement procedures with only one bidder


The Center for Civil Communications (CCC) published the report from the regular monitoring of public procurements carried out from January to June 2023, as well as the Rationality Index, where the prices at which various institutions procured exactly the same product or service, in this case services for capture and professional treatment of stray dogs.

The key findings from the monitoring and from the Rationality Index include: – every third public procurement contract was concluded in a procedure in which only one company participated. With this absence of competition, contracts with a total value of 283 million euros were concluded; in a significant part of the procedures, the quantities of what is procured are not determined, which makes it impossible for companies to offer lower prices for larger quantities of procurement. This enables manipulation and abuses in the phase of contract implementation.

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