Miteva: New concept for education, new programs, kindergartens under the jurisdiction of the MES and investments for development


The wrong and devastating policies of SDS and DUI at this moment only lead to elections. And, for elections, in addition to the reality that confirms that Macedonia has never been worse, VMRO-DPMNE offers a new chance. The new concept for the development of education is a model that implies investments in primary, secondary and higher education, VMRO-DPMNE spokespersonMarijaMiteva told a press conference on Tuesday.

“We are planning fundamental reforms, pre-school education, that is, we will return kindergartens within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Science. The new concept foresees the motivation of the teaching staff with an additional 50% of each month’s salary. We will also introduce new curricula and open three regional centers for secondary vocational education. We will finally build FINKI and FFK and improve the conditions in the student dormitories which, with SDS and DUI, have become a symbol of inhumanity and disastrous conditions,” said Miteva.

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