Selmani: Pendarovski can’t expect support from the Albanians in the first round, the battle between Osmani and Taravari will be fierce


The former candidate for the country’s president Imer Selmani, in a TV interview with Ljubisha Nikolovski, said that the current presidential elections differ from the previous ones, given that in the first election round there will be two candidates from the parties of the Albanians, Bujar Osmani and Arben Taravari.

According to Selmani, from the Macedonian candidates there are two favorites in the first election round, the SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE candidates Pendarovski and Siljanovska.

“The situation is different for the Albanians. Albanian voters will choose between two candidates, Bujar Osmani and Arben Taravari. There will be a heated debate because both are extremely good and active on the political scene. The campaign will be quite intense, the voters will be animated to vote for one of them. Pendarovski cannot now expect the support of the Albanians in the first election round. The match will be interesting,” stressed Selmani.



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