Vanja’s father: I don’t care where I get the verdict, whether in this world or beyond, I just want closure


I don’t care at all where I will get the final verdict, I just want closure, said Aleksandar Gjorchevski, father of the murdered 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska, at the public session in the Supreme Court, after the appeal filed by defense attorney Vladimir Tufegdzikj for the extended detention.

“I’m torn between two worlds, one child was taken from me, the other is here. It doesn’t matter at all where I will receive the final verdict, I just want to have closure, to decide whether to stay in this world or join my older daughter,” said Gjorchevski.

Attorney Tufegdzikj, on the other hand, says that he is demanding the abolition of detention for Gjorcevski and points out that the decision of the Skopje Court of Appeal is in contradiction with the European Convention on Human Rights.

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