Toshkovski: Government made a scandalous decision and contrary to the laws


Yesterday’s decision of the Government, which annulled five orders passed by me, is scandalous and contrary to the laws, says Caretaker Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

He goes on to elaborate why he finds this decision harmful.

“One of the five annulled orders refers to a worker in the Ministry of Interior who is headed to perform work tasks in the administrative services in Novo Selo, where we are facing a personnel deficit in the area of ​​issuing personal documents, and with this decision of the Government the functioning of this organizational unit, that is, the issuing of personal documents to the citizens of this Municipality, is practically questioned.

The other four orders refer to advisers from my office, which give them specific guidelines for action, and their cancellation also affects the work of the Ministry at the highest level, which in the coming period should be a guarantor for the implementation of a peaceful and democratic election. Process,” Toshkovski pointed out.

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