Drin Ahmeti sold Soravia during ongoing PPO investigation


While the Prosecutor’s Office is waiting to investigate Drin Ahmeti, Ali Ahmeti’s nephew, about how he bought the Soravia business center, he withdrew from the company Thor Industries and sent a statement indicating that it will be taken over by Texas American International Holdings Inc., and said the acquisition is “a significant move that signals the beginning of a new chapter for Thor Industries LLC”.

“Drin Ahmedi, the CEO who led the company as the founder and owner of Tor Industries, will step down by the end of the year,” reads the press release.

TV Telma’s Code show has already reported that in July last year, Nik Nazar Mehmedi founded a company with a stake of 3 million euros and with headquarters at the same address as the Thor company. Mehmedi is the owner of strip bars in Dallas, Texas, and his Skopje company is called “American Investments”.

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