New Parliament composition to decide how the Kichevo-Ohrid highway project will continue


The new composition of the Parliament will decide how the project will continue – whether with the same contractor or in the end a contractor who has shown that he can build a road will be chosen. What must be done is to finish that road first, because the citizens of the whole country deserve it, Ohrid as the biggest tourist center deserves it and there should be work at the fastest pace, said SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski, asked by the media after inspecting the construction of local streets in the Hipodrom settlement, accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski.
“At the moment I will only give you one piece of information, on completed sections of the road which is about 80-85 percent completed, in the last quarter of last year there were 13 landslides with huge amounts of earth falling on them which now need to be cleaned, redesigned ,” said Kovachevski.

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