Albanian opposition agrees that the election loser should step down from politics


The Worth It coalition of the Albanian opposition parties responded to the statements made by the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi from the ranks of DUI who suggested on Saturday that all parties in Macedonia sign that they will step down from the political stage if they lose in the upcoming elections. The coalition called on DUI to choose a notary and to sign the following statement:
“On April 24 and May 8, the Albanian people will sign the political pension certificate of Ali Ahmeti, Bujar Osmani, Artan Grubi and their associates. Such bluffing attempts by the frightened DUI leadership to hide their fear of the changes that will take place do not go anywhere, because nothing depends on them anymore.
We invite Ali Ahmeti, Bujar Osmani, Artan Grubi to choose a notary and timing where we will sign declarations that whoever loses has no right to be involved in politics ever again,” reads the press release of the Worth It coalition.

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