Expensive building materials keep the price of the residential square meter high


The real estate markets in Europe are cooling down, but the square footage of the Macedonian market is not only not getting cheaper, but also getting more expensive. Experts say that a stagnation of the market and a decline in the residential square footage, as things are with the prices of building materials, will not happen so quickly at the moment.
The average price per square meter, depending on the location, ranges from 800 to over 2,000 euros, depending on the location.
And while everyone agrees that the prices of apartments in Macedonia do not correspond to the real supply and demand on the market, but that they are formed according to the interests of construction companies and investors, who want to maximize their profit, without taking into account the needs and possibilities of citizens, investors and some of the construction companies believe that the prices of the apartments are real, that there is no increase in prices, because the prices of construction materials are high.

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