Over 2,500 food products will be limited-margin


The list of products arising from the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices is already prepared, includes over 2,500 agriculture and food products, and it has been forwarded to the business chambers. I expect feedback in the coming week so that we adopt the list, resulting in all stakeholders aligning their agreements and thus contributing to lower prices on the domestic market, said Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi.
Minister Bekteshi told reporters that if prices rise during the six-month transitional period, the Ministry of Economy would put forward certain measures in order to mitigate them.
“After we receive their proposals and suggestions, as the Ministry of Economy we will adopt the list. With that list, of course, all actors in the trade, starting from the manufacturers to the retailers, should harmonize their contracts, which will then result in a reduction of prices on the domestic market,” said Bekteshi.

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