Defense Minister: Decision to purchase eight Leonardo helicopters is not unnecessary waste of money


The decision to purchase eight helicopters from the Italian company Leonardo was made by professionals and it is the right one, Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska said Saturday in Shtip, where she attended an event marking the fourth anniversary of the country’s joining NATO and the Alliance’s 75th anniversary.
“Absolutely no doubt about it. There are some structures in the Republic of North Macedonia who view the modernization process as a threat to themselves, and not to the state [but] I don’t agree that this is a waste of money. It’s very easy to lay blame or come up with conspiracy theories,” said the minister.
“If there are any suspicions of a corruption scandal, I am fully prepared to face the evidence, if there is any. I am sure there is no evidence because I believe the decision made by our integrated project team was correct,” Petrovska said.

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