Government with scandals in the security sector has provoked a reaction from the USA and NATO, accused an opposition MP


VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki in an interview with spoke about the numerous scandals in the security and defense sectors.
In the past period, he revealed to the Macedonian people a series of scandals that stirred up the public, so at the beginning of the conversation we asked him about this very topic.
“As the greatest scandals in the security-intelligence sector, I would single out the Onishchenko scandal, the issuance of citizenship to the Russian spy, which was followed by a series of reactions from NATO members, but we saw that the government did not find a way to take responsibility. It is obvious that this case will have an impact on our relations with NATO in the future. I would single out as a scandal the case with passports, with the issuance of 215 passports to criminals who, unfortunately, bribed the Macedonian institutions, i.e. they found a space and a crack in the institutions after which they received passports and Macedonian citizenships, while on the other hand we see that our citizens do not have documents and cannot travel abroad,” said Kovachki.

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