Mayor Gjorgjievski awarded with “Friend of Teledom” by the Association of Hungarians


The Mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, Orce Gjorgjievski, along with Hungarian Ambassador András Klein and the Association of Hungarians Teledom, celebrated the National Day of Hungarians. As a sign of gratitude for all the good cooperation so far, at the event held at the House of Culture in Drachevo, the mayor was awarded a “Friend of Teledom” plaque.
“I would like to thank the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Macedonia and the Association of Hungarians “Teledom” for giving me this honor to be a part of their big day. With deep respect, together with the Hungarian ambassador András Klein, we marked their national day,” said the mayor.
This year, on the occasion of March 15, a literary competition was announced in primary schools on the topic “The life and work of Sándor Pétefi, the poet of the revolution in 1848-1849” and “The history of the Hungarian Holy Crown”, as well as an art competition: “Hungary in a picture as I imagine it”.

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