Pendarovski used to say that state resources should not be used for party purposes, and now he is abusing them


Stevo Pendarovski used to say that not a single state resource, even the smallest one, should be used in his campaign, so that in the end he would personally abuse them, said opposition MP and VMRO-DPMNE EC member Mile Lefkov on Monday.

“Pendarovski is personally abusing state resources for the presidential race. Contrary to what he claimed, Stevo Pendarovski appears at government events during the election period, with whose organization he has no connection. Stevo Pendarovski drives a state-owned vehicle to party headquarters for party meetings, although he said he would not do that. The entire SDS is following Pendarovski’s example. For Pendarovski’s needs, Deputy Prime Minister Marichikj misused an official vehicle to sign for Pendarovski’s presidential bid,” said MP Lefkov.



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