Inspection of Electoral Roll is officially closed, says SEC


The deadline for the inspection of the Electoral Roll and the registration of voters from the diaspora for the coming presidential and parliamentary elections has officially ended, said the State Election Commission on Tuesday.

As of Monday, 6231 citizens have inspected the Electoral Roll in SEC offices nationwide. According to the Commission, 23 people have submitted a request to have their personal information changed, 29 requested to have their information added and 11 people submitted requests to have information removed from the Electoral Roll.

A total of 56.299 citizens inspected the Electoral Roll online, submitting 47 requests for a change of information, 9 for the removal of information and 24 citizens requested the adding of information to the Electoral Roll.

In terms of the registration of voters from the diaspora, as of 9am on March 19, 2024, the Commission received a total of 2943 applications for registration, 2369 of them have been accepted, 396 dismissed and 178 are pending and will be processed on Tuesday.

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