Toshkovski: New Forensics Department is not yet fully operational, although it was officially opened


The new facility of the Department of Forensic Investigations within the Ministry of Interior has not yet been fully put into operation, and a large part of the employees in this department work in the old facilities of the Ministry, said Caretaker Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski on Tuesday.

“The building for forensics is a donation as far as I have information from the EU in terms of its construction, but that building has not been put into operation completely and there are still a good part of the laboratories, those clean rooms, technical facilities, ventilators, etc. that should be there, which are an essential part of the equipment that people who work in this part of the Ministry of Interior should have, they are not there, they are not provided,” said Toshkovski.

The new facility of the Department of Forensic Investigations at the Ministry of Interior was built with a donation from the EU, worth 3.6 million euros.

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