Janevska: State Educational Inspectorate doesn’t decide on opening new Albanian language classes, the Ministry of Education does


The Alliance for Albanians should know that classes in the Albanian language are not opened by the State Education Inspectorate, but by the Ministry of Education, VMRO-DPMNE’s Vesna Janevska said via Facebook post on Tuesday.

Previously, the Alliance for Albanians party reacted to the press conference of the Union of the State Education Inspectorate (SIE), assessing that the union was opposed to the implementation of the Albanian language, the employment and promotion of Albanians in the inspectorate and education, the opening of Albanian classes throughout the country, especially in populated areas where they haven’t worked for years.

“No one has anything against opening Albanian classes according to the law and no one has anything against hiring Albanians, but with appropriate education and according to the norm for employment and promotion. Hence, the political pamphlet of the Alliance for Albanians is only proof that the current director of the SIE neither revived nor worked out the SIE according to law, but that the AA party cadre, who does not meet the conditions to be the director of the State Inspectorate, instead of working professionally, actually implements a clean and harmful policy for coexistence. The director has been given an illegal term for the third time, and AA is not reacting to that,” reads Janevska’s post.

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