No easy way for systemic issues, the EU is the only solution, says SDSM leader


Macedonia needs the European Union, there are no easy solutions to the systemic issues in our country, but the EU is our only chance for a systemic solution to those problems, said the party leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM), Dimitar Kovachevski.

“What we need and what we are fighting for is the European standard, European values and European life, now, not in some distant future or never. We need the rules, we need the negotiation process with the EU so that we can improve health, education and the justice system in the country,” Kovachevski said.

“Our Macedonia needs the EU membership. All citizens benefit from the EU, funds will come from the EU, more financial resources will come. The economy will have greater benefits. The infrastructure is improving, the mechanisms for dealing with corruption will become more accessible, if we have an example of a functional rule of law, life will simply become better,” Kovachevski.

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