Pendarovski lied that he never saw the French proposal, then said that he wrote it in Skopje and instead of being a French proposal, it turned out it was SDSM’s proposal


Stevo Pendarovski lied that he had not seen the French proposal, denied it and refused it, only to admit after a few months that the French proposal was actually made by him, noted MP and VMRO-DPMNE EC member Mile Lefkov at a press conference on Tuesday.

At the press conference, Lefkov played a video after which he said that Stevo Pendarovski was a politician without his own opinion.

“There isn’t a single statement that Pendarovski has not denied it himself. With Stevo Pendarovski, the citizens do not know what they are up to, nor when he is telling the truth. The citizens still do not know if Pendarovski has not seen the French proposal or if he actually wrote it. The confused and manipulative Pendarovski is a politician who does not think about Macedonia, but about his personal rating,” stressed Lefkov.

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