Wizz Air cuts down number of flights from the Balkans


Wizz Air has cut down the number of flights from the former Yugoslav republics, and the most affected by this change are Skopje and Ohrid. According to the initial information, the reason for the drastic reducing of the flights was an anomaly found in a specific component of the engine, so the company decided on this step as a precaution.

About 1.4 million people will be directly affected after the Hungarian airline Wizz Air decided on a drastic step and reduction of flights in the Balkans. A rare anomaly found in the metal powder during the production of the engine caused the company to be cautious, so the market was reduced in the former republics of Yugoslavia.

Such changes to the flight schedule will take place from March 31, and will last until October 26. Flights are reduced by 22.3 percent compared to the entire Balkans in the initial plan, while the capacity is reduced by 31.5 percent.

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