Macedonians rank 84th on the World Happiness Report


Finland retained its title as the happiest country in the world for the seventh consecutive year, ranking first in the United Nations’ World Happiness Report published Wednesday. North Macedonia holds the 84th spot on the list, while the country’s young people (under 30) are ranked 67th.

In terms of the countries of the region, Slovenia holds the 21st spot, Kosovo 29th, Serbia 37th, Croatia 63rd, Greece 64th, Bosnia and Herzegovina 65th, Montenegro 76th, Bulgaria 81st, Albania 87th, and Turkey 98th. Ukraine holds the 105th spot on the list, while the Palestinian territories are 103rd in terms of happiness. Serbia, Bulgaria and Latvia are the countries that saw the biggest increase of their happiness index from 2006-2010 to 2021-2024.

Afghanistan, Lebanon and Jordan experienced the biggest downward slide during the same period, with Afghanistan ranked last in the list of 143 states.

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