Poll: VMRO-DPMNE gains triple advantage over SDSM


VMRO-DPMNE has a triple advantage over SDSM in terms of which party the citizens see as the winner of the parliamentary elections, according to the public opinion survey that the Skopje Institute for Political Research conducted for the needs of MRT, the results of which were presented in the “Lens” political show.

When asked ‘which party do you think will win the upcoming elections’, 30.4% of respondents believe that the winner of the parliamentary elections will be VMRO-DPMNE, which represents an increase of over 2% compared to February when 28.3% of respondents believed that VMRO -DPMNE will win the elections.

This percentage for SDSM is three times smaller, that is, 9.8% of respondents answered that they see SDSM as the winner of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Then follows DUI with 6.3%, the European Union for Change (ESP) with 4.2%, Levica3.3%, ZNAM 2.9, etc.

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