Only a matter of time before a measles epidemic breaks out


In addition to the whooping cough epidemic, N. Macedonia is in danger of another outbreak, which is an epidemic of measles or smallpox.

Epidemiologists and pediatricians are concerned because this disease is already circulating in the region and in Europe, and in Macedonia the level of vaccinated children with MMR is not at the desired percentage. Vaccination coverage in Macedonia is not sufficient to prevent a measles epidemic.

On the territory of Skopje, coverage with the MRP vaccine for 2022 with the first dose is 70.4%, with the second dose it is 92.1%, while on the territory of the countrythe coverage with the MRP vaccine with the first dose is 70.7%, and with the second dose 89.2%.

In order to have collective immunity, i.e. for the virus not to spread, vaccination coverage should be 95 percent.

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