NLA and Albanian flags removed from St. Athanasius church and the Tetovo Kale


The flags of Albania and UCHK(NLA) were removed from the church and the monastery yard of Saint Athanasius on the Tetovo Kale, which were noticed yesterday afternoon, and the case was immediately reported to the Tetovo Ministry of Interior.
“At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, it was reported to the Tetovo Police Department that unknown perpetrators placed a national flag of the Republic of Albania on the dome of the church of St. Athanasius in the monastery complex of the same name on the Tetovo Kale fortress, and a flag was displayed on a metal pole at the entrance to the Kale with the inscription UCHK (NLA). Immediately after reporting, a team with the Tetovo PD was sent to the scene. A complete inspection has been carried out and measures and activities are being undertaken for the complete clearing and documentation of the case,” informed the Tetovo police spokesperson Marjan Josifoski.

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