EUR 8.2 million less foreign exchange inflow and 3.9 million liters less exported wine in 2023


The Additional Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Cvetan Tripunovski, said in a Facebook post that Macedonia has a loss of 8.2 million euros in foreign exchange inflow in 2023 due to the lower exported amount of 3.9 million liters of wine compared to 2016.

“Enough with the SDS manipulations. These are the real facts about the export of bottled wine and the total production of wine in Macedonia. -3.9 million liters less exported quantities in 2023 compared to 2016 (Source: SSO) -8.2 million euros lower foreign exchange inflow due to reduced exported quantities compared to 2016 (according to the average export price for 2023 of €2.09/ l) -21.6 million liters less produced quantities of wine in 2022 compared to 2016 (Source: GZI 2022), Tripunovski said in a Facebook post on Friday.

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