Cooperation agreement signed between VMRO DPMNE and Macedonian Concep


VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonian Concept have reached an agreement on cooperation on the most important national issues, based on the principles and determinations for the political unification of the opposition and all progressive forces that are working to defeat this government that is taking the state away from the people and that are working on reconstruction, economic strengthening, stabilization and Macedonia’s rapid integration into the European Union.

The cooperation is motivated by the determination to raise Macedonia from the state of constant degradation, devastation and economic impoverishment. To stop the attacks and defeats around identity and political disfigurement as well as to realize the strategic interests of the state by preserving the identity lines important for the Macedonian people, both parties said in a press release.

The coalition agreement for joint participation in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections will be signed in the coming days, which will continue the successful cooperation, started from the previous local elections, and the public will be fully informed, adds the press release.


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