Dissatisfaction rises within SDSM- after Spasovski and Kaevski, Bogoev also leaves EB session


Current SDSM deputy leader and director of the customs administration, Stefan Bogoev, has left the Executive Board session where the SDSM parliamentary lists for the elections on May 8 were discussed, sources told Kurir.mk.

Earlier, the former Interior Minister and incumbent Caretaker Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, as well as the party spokesperson and current MP DarkoKaevski have demonstratively left the session of the Executive Board of the ruling party. On the meeting the MP lists of SDSM for the elections on May 8 were being discussed, and according to the party’s announcements, they were supposed to be revealed on Saturday evening.

Earlier on Saturday, Klan TV announced that, according to their information, the atmosphere was very tense and there was huge dissatisfaction within the SDSM for what they say was the arbitrariness of the SDSM leader DimitarKovachevski, and the imposition of lists that did not include a large number of the most prominent members of the ruling SDSM.

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