Janevski: DOM’s political capitulation under Morachanin’s leadership


Political capitulation is experienced by the Democratic Reconstruction of Macedonia (DOM) under the leadership of MajaMorachanin, which is confirmed by the sixth place on the list of the coalition led by SDSM, said LjupchoJanevski, a member of the Executive and Central Committee of the party that is part of the ruling coalition.

“The lost political reality, non-implementation of decisions by the Central and Executive Board, overwhelmingly bad staffing policies, the lack of a clear attitude towards the members and supporters of the party succeeded after two MPs in 2018 and 2021 to reduce it to a sixth place boxed for itself personally in EU1. Today’s scheduled Central Board has been brought to a political and temporal impasse, and it will be required to confirm the capitulation of the House of Representatives,” pointed out Janevski, and demanded responsibility and irrevocable resignation of Morachanin.

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