Toshkovski announces increased police presence in Tetovo and Gostivar during elections


Caretaker Minister of Interior PancheToshkovski, in an interview with Radio Free Europe (RFE) on Sunday, announced an increased police presence in Tetovo and Gostivar during the double elections. He said this while speaking about the government’s decision which did not allow him to change the head of the Tetovo Interior Department.

The minister adds that in the meantime he met with the head of the Tetovo Interior Department and asked him to act according to the law and to be fully focused. He says that he received a guarantee that the Tetovo Interior Department will not be abused in the elections, but adds that additional measures will be taken to guarantee a fair electoral process.

“My mechanisms are, within the provisions of the law aimed at enabling appropriate preconditions, to do everything we can to have fair and democratic elections. Let’s strengthen that part there with police officers as much as possible, ask for support from our international partners. OSCE/ODIHR expressed great concern about this fact, that part will be intensively covered by observers from their side,” said Toshkovski.

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