Kovachevski: SDSM remains firmly committed to EU membership


In these elections, SDSM will present candidates who will advocate for the citizens’ interests, work towards the country’s development, and accelerate Macedonia’s EU accession.Offering citizens hope for a brighter future, SDSM leader DimitarKovachevski underscored the importance of hard work in his address to delegates at the 28th party congress late on Saturday.

“In these elections, SDSM will offer people who will represent the interests of the citizens and accelerate the country’s development,” Kovachevski said.

All our work and commitment, Kovachevski stressed, was and is in the direction of the country becoming a member of the EU as soon as possible.

“I have felt on my own skin that the EU was not always fair to us, but does that mean we should give up,” Kovachevski said on Sunday.

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