VMRO-DPMNE Platform 1198: Fostering the strategic partnership with the US, full EU membership


The main priority of our foreign policy will be Macedonia’s full membership in the EU. One thing that the future government will do is make Macedonia a country that will be strongly aligned with the common foreign and security policy. And also a key priority will be fostering the strategic partnership with the United States of America, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader TimchoMucunski at a program debate titled Diplomatic Horizons – Reforms in the political system, strategies for foreign policy and diplomacy dedicated to the EU, at which VMRO-DPMNE’s Platform 1198 was presented.

In terms of ​​EU integration, Mucunski said that the citizens’ dilemma is what to do with the dispute with Bulgaria, but indicated that VMRO-DPMNE’s position is clear, namely that there are no constitutional changes under such conditions.

“Our position so far has been crystal clear. Under these conditions, we do not accept constitutional amendments,” Mucunski said and added that VMRO-DPMNE legitimate alternative is to demand the delayed application of the constitutional amendments, as well as a guarantee from the EU for the Macedonian language and identity, but also a guarantee that there will be no more bilateralization of the European integration of Macedonia, stressed the opposition deputy leader.

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