Declaration for promotion and support of vaccination signed on Monday


A declaration for the promotion and support of vaccination was signed today by the three medical chambers, the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dental Chambers, the Ministry of Health, the medical faculties in the country and the Institute of Public Health.

As it was emphasized at the press conference, the purpose of the Declaration is to create a wider front to support vaccination and maintain continuity of activities for the promotion of immunization.

“Vaccination is humanity’s greatest benefit. Unfortunately, according to the data for 2022, in terms of primary vaccination and revaccination, the recommended coverage of over 95 percent has not been achieved for any vaccine at the national level. Registered coverage is below 90 percent for all vaccines. As a consequence of this, we are already facing an epidemic of whooping cough, and the risk of facing new smallpox epidemics is serious,” said Kalina Grivcheva-Stardelova, president of the Medical Chamber.

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