More than half of adults in Europe are overweight, Macedonia at 55.7%


More than half of the adults in Macedonia are overweight, while in the region only Croatia sees a higher share of people that are overweight, according to the Landgeist web portal based on latest Eurostat data.

More than half of the inhabitants of Europe are overweight, i.e. have a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or greater than 25. The highest percentage of overweight adults is found in Malta (62.5%), Iceland (62.0%) and Latvia ( 60.4%), while the smallest Italy (41.9%), Switzerland (45.6%) and France (46.4%). In our country, 55.7 percent of the adult population is overweight.

Of the countries in the region, only Montenegro (48.1%) has less than half of the population overweight, while Croatia has the highest rate of overweight adults (58.1%). It is followed by Slovenia (55.7%), Greece (54.9%), Bulgaria (53.7%) and Serbia (52.5%).

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