Kovachevski: SDSM has the largest coalition capacity, Pendarovski will be President again


SDSM has the greatest coalition potential for the upcoming parliamentary elections. I believe that this coalition will win the elections again, will form a government with which we will become a member of the European Union, and Stevo Pendarovski will be the President of the country yet again, said SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with MRT.
“The core coalition partners of our party such as LDP, NSDP, DOM, the Turkish Movement Party TKP and a number of other parties remain in coalition with SDSM. The decision to form a coalition with them has already been made. With that, SDSM kept the main outline of the coalition, which are the parties that are truly original in the Macedonian political space, that are not derivatives of certain political parties and that have real commitments in the joint program to which they adhere,” said Kovachevski.

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