Velkovski urges SDSM and DUI MPs: Do not force politics on the backs of children, it takes five minutes to vote on the changes


A few days before the dissolution of the Parliament, a proposal for legal amendments to the Child Protection Law, which was proposed by Caretaker Minister for Labor and Social Policy Gjoko Velkovski, and whose purpose is to solve the problem of a lack of licensed professional staff in kindergartens in Macedonia, The Parliament refuses to put it as an item on the agenda, Minister Velkovski said on Tuesday.
“I have to point out today with regret that the Parliament, which has only a few more days of work until the final dissolution, has made its agenda, and the item for amending the law on child protection has not been put on the agenda. Instead of taking care of 5,000 children who are not in kindergartens, to make sure they have caregivers, educators and professional staff who will be able to enter the employment process immediately after the elections, today someone is pushing politics on the backs of the children. Yes, unfortunately, children do not have child protection in kindergartens,” said Velkovski.
Minister Velkovski immediately urged all MPs in Parliament to dare and put this item on the agenda, in which it is foreseen that, according to the law on licensing, written exam for obtaining licenses is also allowed.

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