NATO membership anniversary – Macedonia a factor of stability in Western Balkans


Macedonian Caretaker Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi chaired a government session Tuesday marking the fourth anniversary of N. Macedonia’s membership in NATO.
Xhaferi referred to the path to membership and emphasized that’ since 1993, when the Resolution was adopted in the Parliament, we have gone through many transitions, we actively contribute to peace missions together with the army of other countries in the Alliance, so that today we are a respected and valued member that has its own place at the decision-making table and is a factor of stability in the Western Balkans’.
Joining NATO was ensured by reforms and the Prespa Agreement, that is, as Xhaferi said, with wise and courageous statesmanship decisions of the then-Government.
The caretaker PM pointed out that the membership in the Alliance united the non-party and non-partisan and the citizens, in addition to the political entities.

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