DS: We left the SDSM coalition more than a year ago, there were many reasons for that


The Democratic Union (DS) political party informs the public that we left the coalition led by SDSM not now, but more than a year ago, on February 13, 2023.

The reasons for leaving the coalition were the non-fulfillment of the coalition agreement and SDSM’s wrong policies, above all the blocking of the amendments to the Electoral Code with which we proposed that Macedonia be a single electoral unit, the opposition to reforms in the justice system, the high level of criminalization and the absence of a fight against high levels of corruption , the unprincipled coalition during the reconstruction of the government and the failure to take into account the adequate and fair representation of all ethnic communities in the government, as well as the blocking of the European integration processes by accepting the Negotiating Framework without a wider civil and political consensus, said the small opposition party in a press release on Wednesday.


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