Entire Macedonia bears witness to the massive pre-election bribery with thousands of jobs


There are 2,700 new jobs. Hundreds of institutions, 2 months before elections, suddenly saw the need to advertise for new employment, which is 2% of the public sector. The number of job advertisements grows by over 60% compared to the years before the elections. The volume of work is partially reduced in the pre-election period, and it would be logical for the institutions to publish announcements after the elections.

But for a long time no one is looking for logic in the steps of the government”, said the additional deputy minister of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration Stefan Andonovski at a panel discussion from the “Institute for Economic Strategies and International Relations Ohrid” on Wednesday.

Andonovski mentioned that for some of those candidates for employment, whose procedures have not been completed, there is unofficial information that they are under pressure to organize people to vote in the elections.


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